DVBsVCR2 mpgsplit

DVBsVCR2 (under development)

Recorder/Player for the DVB-s card.

  • TV record and playback in MPEG-2 file format.
  • Mpeg-2 support for the recording of radio.
  • Timer- and event driven recording. (Uses Windows Task-scheduler)
  • Supports remote control, incl. channel numbers, recording & playback, etc. (Requires IR-receiver connected to the DVB-s card)
  • Multilanguage playback of MPEG-2 streams.
  • Channel-filtering for name, provider or satellite.
  • E.P.G. database support.
  • System time synchronization via satellite.
  • many more enhancements...

Current version is 2.3.
This project is constantly under development.
Documentation is simple but missing.


This version contains numerous bug fixes and minor functional enhancements.

For further information please check the version history.


This program requires either the driver from Technotrend's high-end TV software v2.09 or higher, or the enhanced compatible driver provided here. The driver must be installed prior using the DVBsVCR2 software. You can download the enhanced driver here.



Version History
Command Line
Multiple Audio Channels
Record Filename Creation
E.P.G. Database Support
Driver Enhancements

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