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On this page you can download the most current released version of DVBsVCR2 and associated software.

Caution: When you have the Windows Installer version 2.0 already installed on your system, you should download the smaller packages. They do not carry the extra overhead of the Windows Installer software, but are otherwise identical to their larger counterparts.

Warning: The SETUP will overwrite the "default.tpr" and "EPG Database.mdb" files in the application data folder. The "default.tpr" file contains channel settings. The "EPG Database.mdb" file is the database containing the EPG scan data. Please make a backup of these files before you run the SETUP process!
To open the application data folder select Run... from the Windows Start menu and type "%appdata%\DVB Software".


Download DVBsVCR2 version 2.3 (Build 48) setup without Window Installer software. (1381 KB)

Unzip compressed file and run dvbsvcr.msi. Requires Windows Installer version 2.0.


Download DVBsVCR2 version 2.3 (Build 48) setup including Window Installer software. (4784 KB)

Unzip compressed file and run setup.exe. Reboot might be required if Windows Installer needs to be updated.


Download WDM Driver version 2.05 (Build 7) for compatible DVB cards. (141 KB)

See the driver information page for installation instructions.


Older versions of the DVBsVCR2 software are available for reference on the version history page.




Version History
Command Line
Multiple Audio Channels
Record Filename Creation
E.P.G. Database Support
Driver Enhancements


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