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DVBsVCR2 E.P.G. Database Support

The program includes support to download E.P.G. information into a Microsoft Access compatible database. This feature requires installed Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) version 3.6. If you don't have installed DAO 3.6, please see here.

  1. Open the EPG tab.
  2. Open an existing database. (cannot create new database, must select existing one)
  3. Select the channels you want included in the EPG download scan.
  4. Click the Start button.

The current version of DVBsVCR2 does only create this database, but does not use it for display. Currently the standalone program PgmGuide is used for display of this database.


The database contained in the DVBsVCR2 distribution is in MS Access 2000 format. Earlier versions of MS Access may not be able to open this database format. Please use the following link for a E.P.G. database in the older format.

E.P.G. Database for Access '97 (7 KB)   PGP Signature (66 Bytes)


This program is an example that processes the contents of the E.P.G. database collected by the DVBsVCR2 program and displays it. It can display any number of senders in a tabular view.

  • Load a database file with the File/Open... command.
  • Select the channels to appear in the output window with the View/Channels... command.
  • By default the first four channels in the database are shown.
  • Microsoft Data Access Objects 3.6 installed.
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher installed.

Download Version (18 KB)   PGP Signature (66 Bytes)


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