DVBsVCR2 mpgsplit

DVBsVCR2 Support For Multiple Audio Channels

The program supports recording and playback of multiple audio channels, e.g., multiple languages. Both file formats, MPG and PVA are supported.


How to:

  1. Select a channel that contains multiple audio channels. The "Language" and "Recorded Lang." options become enabled.
  2. Select the primary audio channel in the "Language" control. This is the audio channel that is audible during recording, and this is also the audio channel that programs will playback when they are supporting only one channel .
  3. Select any additional audio channels in the "Recorded Lang." menu.
  4. Click "Record"


When a channel is changed, the program will try to restore your last selections of the primary audio channel. However, the settings in the additional audio channels menu are cleared.

When you schedule a recording, the currently selected primary audio channel and all the currently selected additional audio channels are selected for the scheduled event.



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