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DVBsVCR2 Version 1.x History

Version 1.3

Several new Features:

  • Record and playback in MPEG-2 file format.
  • Language selection for recording (for multilingual programs).
  • Recording of multiple languages (for multilingual programs).
  • Automatic file splitting at configurable file size or min. free space left.
  • User interface for editing of channel numbers.
  • Parsing of PAT/SDT/PMTs and automatic updating of the program list file.
  • many more enhancements

Important Note:

Starting with this version the TechnoTrend TT-DVBsat PCI version 1.23b with installed TTDVBSrv.exe patch is required. If this patch is not installed, MPEG-2 recording is not available.

Released 18.07.2001

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  • [Player] Fixed a bug that rarely flushes the playback buffer during playback, thus dropping already loaded data. Playback may then be jerky.
  • [Player] Player does no longer search floppy drives when resolving volume names.
  • [Player] Algorithm for detecting start and end time of a MPEG or PVA clip file has been updated. Sometimes files were not accepted because a valid start or end time was not detected.

Released 05.02.2001

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  • [Startup] Added "NoSortChannelList" registry entry. This DWORD value is located in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Thomas Gatterweh\DVB-s VCR\Settings". If set non-zero, channel lists are no longer sorted alphabetically, but listed as found in the TPR-file. Default value is zero (sorted).
  • [Recorder] Fixed error message if registry specifies a default cliplist file, but the file does not exist. The file is now created silently. Previously the program did stop and wait for a user intervention. Please note that if the file could not be created, e.g. because the specified drive or directory does not exist, the program will still output the error message and wait.
  • [Player] Fixed the playback startup problems that occured sometimes, mostly when running under Windows 2000.
  • [EPG Scan] Fixed the abnormal program termination if DAO 3.6 could not be initialized. An error message is now output and the program will continue.

Released 29.01.2001

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  • [Player] Added slow motion playback
  • [Commandline] Added "/VIEWER" option to start program with viewer opened
  • [OSD] Changed the mode display timing in player mode to be more firmware friendly
  • [OSD] Added OSD font size selection (A word of caution: On-screen display of current/next event information does not validate the required window size. If the window is too large, it may crash the DVB-s card's internal firmware. You should active EPG display only with font size set to 'small'!)
  • [Player] Fixed a bug that may cause playback to fail on OS other than Windows 9x
  • [Recorder] Fixed a bug that caused the program to fail when the root directory of a drive was specified as path for recording or conversion
  • [Startup] Fixed the error message at startup when no TPR-file was previously selected

Released 25.01.2001

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  • [Recorder] Support for Radio tuning and recording.
  • [Player] Context menu for play list item, including file delete.
  • [Player] Added tool tip for play list item.
  • [Player] Enabled clip start/end editing.
  • [Distribution] Included basic EPG database file in ZIP file.

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Version 2.x History

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